What is Anion?

Anion is the air is like vitamin in the food. Also referred as “Vitamin in Air”, it can effectively facilitate body growth as well as disease prevention.

7 Unique

Layers of


Layer 1: Premium soft surface feels soft & comfortable with double absorbency

Layer 2: Exclusive patented “Anionic Padding” work naturally to relieve menstrual discomfort

Layer 3: Sterilized and dirt free packaging

Layer 4:  Super absorbent polymer locks in moisture, keeps surface dry

Layer 5: Ultra soft layer enhances softness & freshness

Layer 6:  Breathable cotton, air-permeable allows free-flowing of air that keeps you fresh

Layer 7 : Easy to peel off, folded lines, adhesive design


The Miraculous Anions

Every cubic cm of anionic padding in each piece of sanitary napkin release up 6070 anions. The intensity of anions released will effectively suppress the survival & Multiplication of bacteria & viruses on sanitary napkin. The anionic padding releases large amount of oxygen, has a balance pH level and enhances hormonal balance that effectively improves incretion strengthening immunity, reducing stress, eliminating bacteria, treating inflammation, eradicating odour, reducing fatigue etc

Did you know

  1. The chances of matured women to be infected by vaginal infections are as high as 83%
  2. The use of poor quality sanitary napkin caused 62% of the women to be infected
  3. On the average, a woman need about 3 to 6 days of a month for the treatment of vaginal infections.
  4. If a woman begins to suffer from vaginal infections at the age of 20, she will spend at least an estimated 6 years of her life on medical treatment.

Why do women easily suffer from bacterial infections during menstruation?

Due to the special physical characteristics of women, the sanitary napkin is the women’s indispensable ‘friend’ but this friend may bring considerable troubles when it is not treated well. For ordinary sanitary napkin used continuously for 2 hours, its surface may have bacteria numbering up to 107 per mm2 & this contamination may seriously affect the health of the women.

Symptoms of infection during menstrual

  1. Mild fever
  2. External genital infection
  3. Skin itch
  4. Ascending infections (vaginitis, cervicitis, pelvic etc)
  5. Leucorrhea
  6. Infection of urinary system
  7. Micturition, dysuria
  8. Lower abdomen pain or waist pain

Enhanced Benefits

Super Anions
The latest Anion products now give off 50% more anions

Special Anti-Baterial Agent
The newly formulated Anion chip with Nano Silver-loaded Zirconium Phosphate

Bio-magnetic activates the body’s bio-current which promote body immunity, relieves skin diseases and vaginal itching.


The quality of our products are ensured with a special anti-counterfeiting measure.

You can easily check originals from the fake ones by using a simple money detector device.

General Usage

Not washing your hands clean before handling a new sanitary napkin: In the process of opening, flattening and putting on a sanitary napkin, the hands may bring many bacteria onto the sanitary napkin. Keeping the sanitary napkins in the wash room: In our countries, most of the washrooms are dark and wet and bacteria growth can easily contaminate the sanitary napkins.

Many women feel tensed up or depressed during menstruation.
This is in fact not necessary. They should come to good terms with this natural phenomenon and regard it as their good partner.

During menstruation, the skin of the women’s sensitive part is most vulnerable.
Surveys have shown that 73% of the women would feel itchiness and pain on some parts of the skin during menstruation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What benefits can I get from Anion Sanitary Napkins/Pads?
A: Anion Sanitary Napkins are the first hygienic antibacterial sanitary napkins/pads in the market today. These napkins prevent bacterial multiplication, eliminate odor and promote comfort during menstrual period.


Q: What is the maximum capacity of our Anion Sanitary Napkins: a.) Day Use b.) Night Use and c.) Panty liners?
A: Maximum absorption capacity for Day Use: 80-100 ml. Night Use: 120-150ml. For Panty liner, we cannot quantify as to how many ml, because panty liner is intended for daily secretions only.


Q: What is the cause for the surface of our panty liners to be woolly or wool like during use?
A: First layer of Anion Panty Liner is made of 100% pure cotton. It tends to be “woolly” due to friction when it gets fully soiled.


Q: What are the reasons why some Anion Sanitary pads do not have an anion strip?
A: Please ask the distributor to return Love Moon Sanitary Napkins to the office and we will replace it with a new one. This is a “production defect” which may happen once, very rarely Quality. Our manufacturing plant is doing its best to monitor quality of product and prevent this from happening.


Q: What is the reason for some people to experience a stronger flow during menstruation?
A: The negatively charged ion or what we call “anion strip”, assists in regularizing the blood flow. On your first few days of continuous usage of Anion Sanitary Napkins, you may notice the increase in blood flow. If this happens, do not be alarmed; just continue to use the said product.


Q: Some of the user say that it is short in size that’s why when the discharge is heavy it spoil’s their clothes?
A: These users feel that it is small in size as they make the mistake of keeping the pad on for long periods. Change the pad as often as possible (do not think of wastage, hygiene is more important and that is why there are more day pads than the night ones)


Q: When the discharge is absorbed by the gel then the pad becomes bulky it contracts , slides down , causing possibility to leak and spoil the clothes?
A: Yes, crushing of the pad is noted by some! When they start using our pad, we suggest they buy a new pair of tight fitting cotton undergarment’s so that the glue can stick properly and they should adjust the pad in the correct position so that it does not slip. At times using the pad on an old undergarment, which has lost its elasticity, can also cause discomfort.


Q: The wings in the night wear are there in the front and the back, but it is more important that wings are in the center. The wings in the front also do not stick properly. The shape of the night wear needs to be changed with the wings in the center and the gum should stick properly.
A: In the Night wear pads the gum is the same as in the day wear pads. The flow during night is inclined more towards the back, hence bigger wings at the back and shorter ones in the front for support. It would be wise to change at least once during the night as each person’s flow may wary in quantity.


Q: The day wear pads are too short in size; it should be at least 3 cms longer. It is uncomfortable to use this day wear pads and it also cause stains in the undergarment because it is short. No pad in India is as short as the anion day wear pad.
A: The day wear is of 245 mm in size, just the right size for day to day active life, it will stain only if it is not changed frequently. As the flow of each individual varies from person to person. The normal flow in a day would be upto 50 ml. The capacity of the day wear is 80 -100 ml.